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In the early stages of our lives, we grew up with a teddy bear. A teddy that comforts us. Gives security. And always there when we need someone to talk to. I remembered my first teddy and I hope you do to.

You can download them in different sizes.



Here’s something new for Scrapbookers — gift tags! 🙂 I have created 10 of them for you to print and choose from. 

Just use an A4 photo paper, cut it out and punch a hole on the middle and use it for your scrapbook or as a gift tag for your present for a dear friend. 

Did I mention, you can download the PDF file for free? Yes you can. Just follow this link:

And you’re all set to enjoy it. 

Enjoy all 10 cute gift tags. Share it with your friends.




Bored with your tumbler design? Perhaps it’s time to try something new. Try Pigtails tumbler art. You can use A4 Photo Paper to print the design. Cut it. Roll it and put it in your tumbler.

You can download them this PDF here:

Not your type? Perhaps you would like to see some other tumbler art.


pigtails_iphone_wp_03 pigtails_iphone_wp_02
pigtails_iphone_wp_01 pigtails_rainy_iphone


I have created 4 iPhone and iPod Touch wallpapers that you can download for free. Simply click on the thumbnails and you can download them from my flickr account.


Here are the easy steps you can take to make use of our cool wallpapers on your iPhone. The first step is to save the desired wallpaper to your Mac or PC via your favorite browser.

   1. Right-click or control-click on the image you want to use. 

   2. Select "Save as…" and save the image to your hard drive.
         * Mac users can either save the image to a folder or add it to their iPhoto library.
         * PC users will want to save the wallpaper into their "My Pictures" folder.

You can then sync the iPhone with photos in iPhoto 4.0.3 or later on a Mac, or Photoshop Album 2.0 or later or Photoshop Elements 3.0 or later on a PC. Or you can sync with any folder on your computer that contains images. Connect the iPhone to your computer and do the following:

   1. Launch iTunes then click the Photos tab and select "Sync photos from:"

   2. From the pop-up menu, do one of the following:
         * If your using a Mac, choose iPhoto or your Pictures folder.
         * If you’re using a PC, choose Photoshop Album, Photoshop Elements, or your My Pictures folder.

   3. Choose Folder, then choose any folder on your computer that has images.
   4. Choose "All photos," or choose "Selected folders" or "Selected albums" and choose the folders or albums you want to sync.

   5. Navigate to the Settings application on your iPhone, and choose the appropriate group of photos where you saved the wallpaper, then tap the image and set as wallpaper.

That’s it, you should see your custom wallpaper on the iPhone’s start-up screen as well as for incoming calls that do not have a contact assigned to them.

New project for a calendar printable. The difference is, you can customize it to your own. The design is still on the works, to add more life in your monthly planners. This is just a sneak peak of something you can have.


You can just encircle the month for that year, and your off to add on your monthly planner. Stay tuned for my shop online. 🙂





This week I feel like going to sleep all the time. It’s like I’m not getting enough of it. After, I have my nap, I feel energized.

You can download the following desktop sizes in my Pigtails Flickr site and available in different sizes:

1024 x 768
1280 x 800
1440 x 900
1600 x 1200
1680 x 1050
1920 x 1200


hi there. They’re not very cute on my sketch pad. Please bare with me. =)


Yes I did draw them. Honestly, I’m not very good at drawing on pen and paper. I just sketch them on paper, scan it and then enhance them on illustrator.



My biggest inspiration was watching Snoopy cartoons. I feel so sorry for Charlie Brown whenever he does something and ends up in failure. Even though things may get him down, he always has his good best friend Linus to supports him. Let’s not forget his psychiatrist, Lucy, to keep him grounded.


My drawings are not perfect and that’s how I want people to know who I am. That it’s okay to be imperfect as long as it is done by you.




Pigtails on a rainy day by jazmin cruz

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