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My friends and I hang out with our good friend Cherie. Who just arrived a couple of days from the US. We haven’t seen her for a very long time. I thought of putting it on a scrapbook layout, using my own designs.

Another layout I did is for the christening of my friend’s baby boy name Albert. He was quite a miracle baby and we’re all happy to welcome here to the world.

You can download these cute 10 backgrounds for free and print it via a4 or letter size.

And these cute scrapbook tags for free to download in A4 and letter sizes. I’m sure you guys have a wild imagination that I am in for scrapbooking. Enjoy~ =)


My friend Mel who got me into designing Scrapbook embellishments and die-cuts, used my items for her scrapbook. Here are just some of them.

Her scrapbook theme is about her and her new baby Matthew. He was born on December 8, 2009.

Welcome baby Matthew to the world!

Now here’s another layout done by Mel with our friend Liz and her hubby Jake.

So you can download the free gift tags and scrapbook embellishments to your scrapbook just like what my friend did.

If you want to share your designs with my Pigtails, please feel free to email (thepigtails@yahoo.com) me and I’ll post it to my blog. That’s a promise! 🙂

Here’s another good way of adding cute embellishments to your scrapbook, picture frames!


The difference from other picture frames, Pigtails frames are not your ordinary shapes. I thought it would be cool and fun to use funky shapes to add your cute photos.

Simply download the PDF file, and use A4 paper size. You can use photo paper to make the colors stand out or an A4 board size. I used an A4 board so that the frame will be stronger.


After you have downloaded and printed the cute Pigtails frames, try to cut them carefully. Use a cutter to be precise. If you’re too young to cut it yourself, ask an adult to help you out.


Once you have your frame cut, place the photo you like to use for the frames. When you cut the photo, try to make sure it doesn’t show the edges from the frame. Add glue on the picture and frame. You are done! Here’s some examples.


Then stick it to your scrapbook and there you have it! Your very own cute and funky picture frames.

I almost forgot, you can download the PDF file here. Remember to use A4 size. 


Here’s something new for Scrapbookers — gift tags! 🙂 I have created 10 of them for you to print and choose from. 

Just use an A4 photo paper, cut it out and punch a hole on the middle and use it for your scrapbook or as a gift tag for your present for a dear friend. 

Did I mention, you can download the PDF file for free? Yes you can. Just follow this link:

And you’re all set to enjoy it. 

Enjoy all 10 cute gift tags. Share it with your friends.




Like any other product out there, they give out free samples to inform the people of what they are selling. Here’s a sample of Pigtails Scrapbook embellishments. They are very cute and adorable to decorate on your journal, scrapbook, or even your planner.


It is so easy to use. Just use download the PDF zip file. Print it. Cut it. Paste it on your scrapbook or journal. I assure you, your journal will look so darn cute once you add them.



Click here to download and unzip the PDF file. If you don’t have any Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can visit, Adobe to download it. (It’s free).

I used A4 photo paper so the colors are much brighter. If you don’t have any photo paper, ordinary bond paper will do. Cut it and paste it.

That’s how simple it is. Hope you like it and enjoy. 

Pigtails on a rainy day by jazmin cruz

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